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Yanosik app is one of the most popular apps for drivers in Poland. Thanks to it, millions of people moving on the road avoid hazards, traffic jams, and police fines. Find out how Yanosik works and if it’s worth having on your phone.

Yanosik app - what is it? We explain!

Yanosik is a popular system among drivers in Poland. What is it? It’s a warning system for drivers about road hazards. With its help, you will learn about accidents on the planned route, speed controls conducted by the traffic police, fixed speed cameras, as well as traffic jams. Thanks to this, you will be able to prepare for hazards or change your route to avoid them.

The name Yanosik directly refers to the famous bandit and hero of the people who became known as the Polish Robin Hood. Not accepting injustice and abuse of power, he robbed the rich and gave to the poor. In the case of the anti-radar application, it is a rather humorous approach that users like and remember.

About App

Yanosik is a product of Neptis, which was launched in November 2010. It was created as a mobile phone application, and its innovative idea was to combine the warning system with social media platforms. In fact, the system is created by drivers for drivers, and the Yanosik community has already exceeded one million users to date.

The creators of the application emphasize that Yanosik was created primarily as an alternative to other anti-radar programs and the popular CB radio among professional drivers. The application is completely free and available on smartphones with Android and IOS. In addition, the system warns about threats without unnecessary communication noise, profanity, and false information, which is the main disadvantage of CB radio mentioned by many drivers.

Find out how Yanosik works and whether it is worth having it on your phone. Or maybe it’s better to equip your car with an external device? You will learn everything important about Yanosik from the rest of the article.

yanosik app

How does Yanosik app work?

Yanosik is a mobile application available on the Google Play and App Store. Simply download and install the application on your phone to access a vast database of information about current road conditions.

What is Yanosik - a warning system or navigation?

Many drivers will certainly be pleased to know that in addition to the warning system, the application also offers navigation. Since 2015, the system has been using Open Street Map, providing users with access to maps not only in Poland but also abroad. They can plan their route similar to Google Maps: excluding tolls, the fastest or the most fuel-efficient.

Before starting the journey, you can review all the hazards on the road. The application will also notify you of them while driving. How does the system collect information?

Data collection

The application uses a database of over 35,000 speed cameras located not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Additionally, it measures the speed of movement of users with the application turned on using the Live Track system and based on that, assesses the speed and compares it to the average on that section to determine congested roads.

The application also informs drivers of vehicle checks and speed controls conducted by the police.

How does Yanosik work in this area?

It collects this information from users. When passing by, a driver notices a vehicle check and marks its location in the application. A second confirmation of this event sends information about the check to all Yanosik users.

Each driver passing by a check or accident can confirm or deny the information, for example, if the police patrol has already finished the check. Thanks to this, Yanosik is an incredibly dynamic and up-to-date database of information, especially on frequently traveled streets in cities and on intercity roads.

To avoid false information, the creators have introduced a user rating system in the application, particularly in terms of credibility. Under each hazard, a driver who reported it can be noticed. When the information is confirmed, the user can be thanked, increasing their credibility.

External Yanosik devices

In the official application store, there are also external Yanosik devices available.

Yanosik external devices are simply a system of warning about hazards. These small devices can be conveniently attached to the car dashboard. They are equipped with a screen that displays the type of hazard. In addition, the devices have a speaker, so you have the option to turn on voice messages and use voice commands.

Different models of Yanosik devices differ in parameters and size. The smallest Yanosik XS device does not have a screen, but instead has a good quality speaker and large buttons to confirm hazards. All traffic communicators are equipped with GPS and GPRS receivers. They allow you to determine your location and warn you about hazards on the route.


Communicators do not connect to the phone, so they do not limit its functions or use data transfer. However, it is necessary to purchase external data transfer on the manufacturer’s website, which allows the device to use the current database.

The Yanosik GTm car navigation system includes a one-year subscription in the purchase price. After this time, you must independently purchase data transfer according to the manufacturer’s price list on the website. The set also includes a car cigarette lighter adapter and a power cable. The device has a solid housing, screen, and speaker. On the side, you will find a large keyboard, which allows you to confirm hazards on the road.


The Yanosik S-clusive by GTR road communicator is a bit smaller. The device is equipped with an accelerometer, motorcycle mode, and parking assistant. In addition, a lifetime data transfer subscription is included in the price.

Yanosik S-clusive by GTR

The Yanosik app is an excellent solution for drivers traveling within one city or on short intercity routes. Professional drivers appreciate the external Yanosik communicators because they do not limit the functions of the phone, which is often necessary for conducting business calls during the journey.

Yanosik app - how does it work? What you need to know!

The biggest benefit for drivers using Yanosik is above all safety and the possibility of planning the fastest route, avoiding current traffic jams. Additionally, using the application allows you to be prepared for potential speed or technical inspections. Along with the extensive database of speed cameras, many drivers can save a lot of money and penalty points associated with receiving a ticket.

Additional features

In the application, you have the option to activate an e-Tool account, allowing you to move along paid sections of the highway. This is especially appreciated by professional drivers who travel on a regular intercity route. Thanks to this, they do not have to stop at the gates to pay for the passage.

In the application, you also have access to information about paid parking zones. When you enter one, you will be immediately notified. The range of the zone and the price for parking will also be displayed.

Additionally, users can take advantage of promotional prices for insurance. Thanks to cooperation with YU, based on the driving style determined by the Yanosik application, the insurer adjusts the most favorable offer, often at competitive prices.

In Yanosik, you also have quick access to information about the nearest car workshops, which can be very helpful during a long drive and any vehicle breakdowns. The same goes for information about the nearest gas stations and current gasoline prices. When you get hungry, Yanosik will help you find the nearest restaurant.

In the application, the creators have also introduced the option of publishing advertisements for the sale of cars. These advertisements are unlimited and free of charge. So you can quickly find a new car at an attractive price or sell your old vehicle.

FAQ most frequently asked questions!

Does Yanosik work abroad?

Yanosik is not limited to Poland and can be used in many other countries around the world. However, the quality and availability of information may vary depending on the country. It is recommended to check the coverage of the application in a given country before using it.

Is Yanosik app legal?

According to Polish law, it is illegal to use and transport devices that disrupt the operation of speed measuring equipment. Informing about checks in Poland is legal, and therefore you will not receive a ticket for using Yanosik. However, it is worth knowing that the status of the application and similar ones may be different abroad. For example, in Austria and Germany, using an anti-radar is illegal and can result in a high fine.

How to use the Yanosik app?

Yanosik app is very easy to use. Just download it from Google Play or the App Store and install it on your phone. During the first launch, you need to create an account and enter the required information. Before heading out, set your destination and select your route. The app will automatically notify you of any dangers.

Is the Yanosik application paid?

The Yanosik application is completely free and available for download on both the Google Play and App Store.

How does Yanosik work on your way to work?

Yanosik provides real-time traffic and road hazard information, as well as navigation. Users set their destination and route, and the app alerts them of hazards, speed cameras, and police checks in real-time. Reports are submitted by the community of Yanosik users, and alerts are provided to help avoid accidents and delays, making commutes safer and more efficient.

Yanosik vs. WAZE

Yanosik and Waze app are both mobile applications designed to provide real-time traffic and navigation information. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Firstly, Yanosik is a Polish-based app and primarily focused on the Polish market, while Waze has a global reach and is used in many different countries.

Secondly, Yanosik relies heavily on community-sourced data to provide information about road conditions and hazards, while Waze combines user data with official traffic data and other sources to provide more accurate and detailed information.

Additionally, while both apps offer navigation and route planning, Waze includes more advanced features such as real-time rerouting based on traffic conditions, gas station prices, and even the ability to connect with friends and see their locations.

Overall, both Yanosik and Waze have their strengths and weaknesses, and the choice of which app to use may depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

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