Our Number Plate Stickers

From 28 September 2021 you need a UK sticker instead of a GB sticker.
Fully Adhesive Number Plate Stickers that will stick securely to your vehicle number plates.
Perfectly compliant with the EU Regulations and necessary for driving internationally.

One pack include:
– 1x front sticker
– 1x rear sticker

Self Adhesive Flexible Domed Gel

UK gel number plate sticker

Pack of UK Number Plate Stickers

Get a pack of Domed Gel Black Number Plate Stickers, perfect for one vehicle. This high-quality stickers are suitable to fit on the left hand side of the standard UK vehicle number plates.

Black 3D Domed Resin Gel

fitting instruction

UK Number Plate


Make sure that the vehicle number plate is clean, dry and free from dust and dirt prior to fitting.

UK number plate stickers must be fitted to the designated areas on the plate without covering any letters or numbers, not obstructing the view of the registration number, and without any air bubbles or wrinkles.

If you driving to Spain, Cyprus or Malta you must display an additional UK sticker. Does not matter what is on your number plate.

Sticker and number plate should be kept clean to ensure clear visibility.

We recommend you to check current gov.uk regulations before you travel. 

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