Stay within the law and always know your speed with our MPH to KPH converter. When driving a car with a speedometer that displays MPH on roads with speed limits posted in KPH, or vice versa, it can be a source of confusion and difficulty in adhering to the speed limits.

In most European countries (excluding UK and Ireland), speed limits are set in kilometres per hour (KPH), making it even more challenging for drivers who are accustomed to MPH. With our converter, you can easily make the necessary conversions and confidently drive without the worry of exceeding speed limits.

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In Europe, the unit of speed is commonly measured in kilometers per hour (kph). This unit is used to express the distance traveled in one hour. 

To convert kph to mph, one can use the conversion factor of 1 kph = 0.621371 mph. It is important to note that while kph is the standard unit of speed measurement in Europe, mph is still used in some countries and is widely understood.

So, it’s good to be familiar with both units, especially when traveling between countries that use different units of measure.

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