Insurance and document requirements for travel to Europe


If you’re planning a road trip from the UK, it’s important to remember a few important obligations regarding Insurance and document requirements for travel to Europe. Belows are 4 important points regarding to this.

Insurance and Document

Firstly, you must have a valid car insurance and the V5C or vehicle registration document. According to European law, all drivers must at least have a valid third-party liability insurance, which is mandatory in all European countries. Check with your insurance company if your insurance is valid in the EU before you go. Usually it is 90 days.

Secondly, it’s important to have a valid passport or ID card and a driving license with you. In some countries, such as Switzerland, additional insurance such as a replacement car insurance may be required.


Thirdly, remember to have the necessary UK sticker on your car. This sticker is essential for driving on roads in Europe and helps to avoid misunderstandings and problems related to vehicle markings. (read more about UK car sticker instead of GB)

Fourthly, in some countries such as France, a document informing about emissions and Crit’Air label on the car is required (read more about Crit’Air). 

Furthermore, it is important to carry a valid technical inspection of the car (MOT) and any documents confirming repairs and upgrades that have been made. In some European countries such as Germany or Poland, possession of a warning triangle and fire extinguisher is also required (read more what to take with you here).

When driving from the UK to Europe, it is important to always be aware of insurance and document requirements in each country to avoid problems and issues during the trip.


To summarize, in order to drive from the UK to Europe, you need to have valid car insurance, MOT test,  vehicle registration document, passport or ID, driver’s license, and a UK sticker on your car. 

In some countries, additional insurance and other required documents may be necessary, such as an emissions document, or a warning triangle and fire extinguisher.

It is also important to be aware of road traffic requirements in each country, as well as speed limits. Before traveling to Europe, it is advisable to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the insurance and document requirements to ensure a smooth and safe journey. 

If necessary, you can use the services of advisors who can help you choose the right insurance and provide necessary information on requirements in each country.

Please refrain from contacting us regarding the best insurance selection and similar inquiries. We are not insurance advisors, and this article is informational only, outlining what a driver needs to prepare for a trip.


Remember, driving a car in Europe can be very enjoyable and allows you to see many interesting places, but it’s important to remember the insurance and document requirements for travel to europe and obligations that come with such a trip. This way, you can enjoy the freedom and ease of travel without stress and unnecessary problems.

“I was in the same situation, when I was looking for information on many websites about what documents and items I need for the trip.

It was our first such a long car trip, about 1800 miles. We set out from Broxburn, a small town in West Lothian to Upper Silesia in Poland, passing through 3 countries and eventually stopping in the fourth – in Poland.

The information above is from experience and information gathered from many websites and blogs, all condensed here.

You no longer need to search – I did it for you.”

– Oskar K.

What I took with me? :
– vehicle registration document V5C
– Certificate of Motor Insurance
– passport
– printed MOT certified
– additionally purchased and printed breakdown cover for eu
– printed boarding pass
UK car magnetic sticker
– headlight converters
– Travel insurance
– printed European Accident Statement (EAS) forms in several languages
– a red triangle
– a first-aid kid
– a reflective vest
– fire extinguisher
– repairing kit for a punctured tire and work gloves
– small box of tools
– Windshield washer fluid, small bottle of engine oil and coolant

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