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The Importance of Displaying a UK Sticker on Your Car When Driving in Europe

uk sticker fine penalty in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium Police

Why the UK Sticker Matters Planning a road trip across Europe can be an exhilarating experience. From the scenic routes of the German Autobahn to the picturesque landscapes of the Spanish countryside, driving gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. However, one small detail that often gets overlooked can lead to hefty […]

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20 tips for driving in Europe

tips for driving in europe

1. Passport validity check Your passport must be valid for six months after the date you travel and be less than 10 years old. 2. Adjust your headlights Make sure you adjust your headlamps ready for driving on the right-hand side of the road. It is a legal requirement not to dazzle oncoming drivers. 3.

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European driving checklist

driving in europe checklist

European driving checklist This checklist will provide you with all the necessary information for driving in Europe, including what to bring with you and things to remember when you arrive. Important documents for driving in Europe Full, valid driving licence and national insurance number Proof of vehicle insurance Proof of ID (passport) V5C certificate (the

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UK car sticker instead of GB

Driving abroad with UK sticker

Requirements As of September 28th 2021, British motorists driving outside the UK are required to remove old-style GB stickers or cover them up.  Instead, they should display a UK sticker or have the UK identifier on their number plates. New guidance from the UK government is a significant change for drivers who frequently take their

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