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From 28 September 2021 you need a UK sticker instead of a GB sticker.
Fully UK Adhesive Car Sticker that will stick securely to the back of your vehicle, or anything that you are towing, such as a boat, caravan, trailer, etc.
Perfectly compliant with the EU Regulations and necessary for driving internationally.
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Pack of 1 UK Adhesive Car Sticker

Get a single adhesive UK sticker, perfect for one vehicle. This high-quality stickers are perfect for car windows, especially suitable for the non-metallic car body.

NEW - Non Magnetic

fitting instruction



Make sure that the vehicle bodywork is clean, dry and free from dust and dirt prior to fitting.

UK adhesive sticker must be affixed to the back of the vehicle when travelling abroad. Window or body of the car.

You do not need a UK sticker if your number plate has the UK identifier with the Union flag (Union Jack)

If you driving to Spain, Cyprus or Malta you must display a UK sticker. Does not matter what is on your number plate.

Sticker should be kept clean to ensure clear visibility – Wipe clean only. 

We recommend you to check current gov.uk regulations before you travel. 

DO NOT fix to resprayed paintwork. 

  • UK CAR STICKERS AND DECALS – The entire surface is adhesive to enable easy installation to the vehicle body work. UK sticker easily and quickly apply.
  • MADE TO UK OFFICIAL SIZES – These UK stickers, have correct dimensions and oval shapes, meet the road-legal requirements post-Sep 21st, can replace the GB plates.
  • LEGAL AND COMPLIANT – Made to the official specification. 
  • WEATHERPROOF – UK car sticker for Europe, no smudge, no smear and tested with high speed and all kind of weather. Our UK stickers for cars will not melt in the sun and is fully waterproof. To be placed in clear view on the rear of the vehicle when travelling in Europe.
  • PERFECT ON NON-METALLIC VEHICLE BODIES – UK car badge for Europe, the new UK sticker for car will stay in place even in high speed and all kind of weather.
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