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If you are planning a road trip around Europe, this website is just for you! You will find everything you need to safely and stress-free plan your trip. 


Who we are?

UK-based small business specializing in high-quality car and van stickers.

Increased demand for our stickers due to Brexit transition, as they serve as a convenient way to display the country of origin on vehicles.

Our products have become even more essential for vehicle owners since September 2021, as UK stickers are now required for international travel from the UK.

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Our fully magnetic and self-adhesive stickers are easy to fit and remove, made of weather resistant material to ensure a long lasting without fear of wind.

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Welcome to our small company based in the United Kingdom

What They Say

amazon feedback

“I’m glad I found this travel Euro car sticker. I’m a frequent traveler to Europe and this magnet is perfect for my car. It sticks well and it’s easy to remove when I’m not driving around Europe anymore. The price was also great for me–I found similar products that cost twice as much.”

wordpress feedback

“Strong and good quality magnet which I was looking for. Does the job, regardless of the weather.”

ebay amazon etsy

“I ordered a sticker but the parcel was probably lost on the way (not the fault of the seller) . Very loyal and good customer service. Despite the problem, I ordered a second time from this seller because I really need this magnet sticker for my trip. This time everything was great, fast delivery and the magnet is very well made. It sticks to the car regardless of the weather conditions. I highly recommend”

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